Thursday, August 5, 2010

I just can't say it enough

(Maddie in all her cuteness, danced and played in the MO rain with her Mommy)

Even though my son got up at dark thirty this morning (and has since we got back from vacation), and even though I got frustrated that he wouldn't be still and just go back to sleep in bed with us, it was amazing to still feel awe for this little guy who was staring at me and rubbing my face as we laid there. I am in awe everyday at these 2 kids that I call mine.

Do they make me completely insane half of the day? Oh yes, they are some of the most energetic/curious kids I have ever met (ask our family).

But seriously, I love them with this love I didn't think was possible. I love that Maddie gets so excited for me, or Daddy, just to color with her. That she talks to "peanut" all day long and asks if "she" is happy. I love that Patch is just a snuggly Momma's AND Daddy's boy. That he says I love you with such clarity and meaning.

Man am I grateful.

And just in love with my family.

And I just want them to know that.

I love you crazy kiddos.

(Patrick is just too handsome, we are going to have problems one day...)

I encourage you to check this out today.
It will lift you, teach you and bring the spirit even more so into your life.

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Porter and Karla said...

loved this post.... and your kids will adore reading this years from now im sure. what a cute mom you are!