Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little secret...

to being a cool mom, and being able to enjoy a yummy eat yourself.

Baby pizzas.

Is there anything overly amazing about this little dish?

Is it easy and something the kids thoroughly enjoy? 

So, what is the little secret about it?
It's made on a tortilla.

Tortillas are like a staple in this house-we have them ALL THE TIME.
We have the obvious of tacos on them , we have egg-tacos (a breakfast burrito, my kids like to call them egg-tacos though), we have wraps, we have quesadillas, etc.

We have been doing these pizzas for a long time now but I figured today I would share the quick and easy meal. Just grab your pizza sauce and whatever toppings, create your pizza, pop it in the oven for a short time and...

WHA-LA, you're a cool mom!

You can also make these "healthy" pizzas using spinach tortillas or whole wheat, and using lots of veggies on them as well with low-fat cheese...we aren't that health savvy yet though. :)


Melinda said...

We really like doing mini-pizzas on biscuit dough. Everyone gets to make their own couple of pizzas. I haven't done the tortilla thing for a while though, sounds fun.

The Juries!! said...

Yum!!! Bring me some and those kidz with them!!!