Monday, August 23, 2010

starting everyday...

every morning my day starts with a kiss on my forhead from my amazing husband before he gets out of bed to get ready for work.

i love it.

next, after i have gotten more sleep i am woke up to the sound a little boy in search of his daddy if he hasn't found him already. then, i hear giggles and screams when he has found him and little patters of feet as he follows him around like puppy.


i love it.

 my life is overly bleesed with two men that i absolutely adore.

i love you boys.

(this is an old picture-but probably my favorite ever-so handsome)

(a very recent pic-he is such a funny least it isn't a princess dress-up skirt, or heels)

On a different little note. I feel the need to express to my Heavenly Father my immense gratitiude. We are so blessed each and everyday, and I often take it for granted I think. We have health, a job, schooling, 2 beautiful children, a home (whether we complain about it's problems or not), vehicles, food, love and happiness. We have the gospel, which I truly recognize each day as a great blessing, and we have the testimony that it is true and that God loves us, each individually. We know that because we are blessed, yes blessed, with trials and great...blessings. We have amazing family who loves us and supports us. And, a Savior who has given us everything we could ever want, everlasting life and the opportunity to be together as a family throughout that life.

Again, I am grateful and I am blessed.

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Erin said...

I love you to death Shannon! I'm finally back on the blog circut and I dearly missed reading your updates. Hopefully Delia will keep sleeping like an angel so I can continue to be uplifted by you. Love ya!