Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Need of the Week...

It has been SOOO long since I have done this.

I am in desperate need this week though of something.

So, with my other 2 kids I never went through a "nesting" phase at the end or anytime during my pregnancy. Ya know, that time where you HAVE to organize and scrub EVERYTHING? I was pretty bummed out about that.

Well, I am in luck, or my family is doomed, I seem to be going through that RIGHT NOW. My house is driving me crazy! There is so much clutter, since we live in such a small space, and nothing seems to be clean! AHHHH!

So, my need this week?

Home Organization/Cleaning

I wish I could find the pictures I was looking for, no such luck. But I do NEED to organize my home and get things in order. It would make me happy and my family life better too. So, that is what I am TRYING to do. How do you do it when you need the stuff but don't have the room? Well, that is what I will figure out and things will be done before the holidays so we can enjoy them and be ready for "Peanut" as the kids call the baby.

Tips and advice welcome...I know my sister would love to come and do it for me, because she is soooo good at it but...while I would be extremely grateful, this is a project I want to tackle and feel proud of-tips are DEFINITELY welcomed though and I will be spending mass amounts of time chatting with that sis of mine, I am sure.

So, what is YOUR need this week?
I am curious..I know that I am NOT the only one with needs here people...


Jamison Family said...


Seriously lady, if you don't have a Control Journal yet I have no idea how you make it though the day :)

Diane said...

Well, you and me both! I just can't seem to get my house clean this week. And I have no excuse! My suggestion...a fabulous trip to IKEA to find some small space organizational stuff! One of these Saturdays we need to head up there! Also, my label maker!! It helps everyone else to know where stuff goes!!