Monday, August 30, 2010

soaring imagination

I know the last post was about Maddie but we just can't help it right now, this girl is at one fun age!
Most might say, "she's 3, right-how is that fun?" Well, I would have said the same thing about 2 months ago-ay-yi-yi- but this girl is tons of fun and at probably my most favorite age/stage right now. Her imagination is growing like crazy and I love to just listen to her when she doesn't know I am listening and to watch what she comes up with. She has such a great time playing "Hocus Focus" with Daddy and Patrick, a game she created. They get under a blanket, she uses her "wand" yells, "Hocus Focus-to the....jungle or the ocean" (just fill in the blank) and then they pretend they are wherever she decided to go and then do it all over again. She loves to play "hair time" too and do Daddy's hair and "cut his beard" as she calls it. She also LOVES to color and she is getting better and better, especially after she has been spending so much time with her cousin Carsyn and getting ideas from her drawings. We just love her so much and have been getting so emotional watching her grow up so fast-it's so crazy! Maddie, we love you and are so proud of you and the great little person/spirit you are becoming!

(she must be experiencing heat flashes like Mommy, she's been roaming in her panties A LOT)

(her and her cousin Carsyn in the trees-this is her first attempt at trees)

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Carolina said...

I thought Sophie was at the best age ever - 17 mos - but I guess it just keeps getting better! Maddie is such a creative little person :D