Monday, August 30, 2010

soaking in the last weekend

My sweet Mikey goes back to school this week and yes, I am heart broken. :( this will be one tough semester and we really won't see much of him plus, it has been SOOOOO nice having him here every night for the past 3 weeks and on the weekends. He just makes us all so happy and we are so grateful that it is him we share our lives with.
Anyway, so we enjoyed our last carefree weekend just spending time together as a family but had a great night on Friday. Maddie watched the show "Special Agent OSO" the other day and that episode was about how to catch a fire fly, or what I would call a lightening bug. So, that is what she has been wanting to do. Even though we were pretty sure there wouldn't be any out-it has been hot this summer and it's August-we let the kids stay up late and we played outside and waited for fire flies. The kids just played, Mike and I talked and watched them in awe at how big they were getting. When we finally convinced her, with such apology, that there would be no fire flies we got out a blanket and waited to see the stars instead-not without some tears though. Poor girl, she was devastated she didn't get to catch a fire fly and put it in her jar. Well, it was fun and the kids proceeded to bed in like record time-that was a great part as well. ;)

The handsome little man stops for one second to take a pic...........let the stroller race begin-and then crash shortly thereafter.

She LOVES getting her picture taken.

And the tears begin.

LOVE this picture!

Me and my girl-post tears.

Mike is my most difficult picture subject...stinker. 

Apparently the kids got a hold of the camera. :)


The Juries!! said...

I'll make sure there are lightening bugs at my house!!!

kelleen said...

oh man--I missed doing your date :( I'll be on standby for anytime you guys find some time!