Thursday, September 2, 2010

Need of the week

I am about a day late doing this but figured, better late then never.

We are busy bees around here this week-well, I am at least.

Mike has started school and the kids already fell into "we miss Daddy" and are going to run around like crazy and not listen to a thing mom says mode. yay! However, I have mass amounts that I am still trying to get done around here...carpet cleaning, valance-making, more cleaning, laundry (the never-ending plague in households), I still need to re-finish the baby's crib (Maddie was a chewer) and get started on her room and a VERY sick husband to take care of (which I kind of like, because he's home). This is amidst other things that are just day to day and so life goes like this sometimes.
I am really not complaining-I am actually glad that I am keeping crazy busy, I feel like I am accomplishing a lot.

So, for my need of the week?


more of it that is.

Mine feels like it is just melting


So, if someone can tell me how to get more of it in my day and still be able to sleep,
that would be fabulous.

Maybe I should just manage it more effectively...or something like that.

Oh, time, how I love thee...please come back to me.

And did I mention that hurricane I am stressed over as well-which is taking too much of my thinking time?
I don't think I did-please keep the east coast in your prayers folks!
Alrighty, your turn again...

What is YOUR need this week?

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kelleen said...

Hey crazy lady! what can I help with?