Monday, August 2, 2010

Still catching up...

I mentioned in my last post that we had gone to the Zoo and I realized finally that I DID in fact take pictures when we went and that I should get them up. It was a HOT day-as you can tell. We have had over 100* days 10 times in the month of July-that's a lot for VA-and not much all! None the less, this was a good day.

Ooh, Rhinos!

"I want to be as boring as those Rhinos, Mom."

I believe this was her favorite part.

And this, although she did agree with me that the tongues are NASTY!

And we all know by now that Maddie is ALWAYS good for a giraffe feeding.

Finally a close shot of Mr. Man-even if he is telling me it's too hot for pictures.

"Alright Mom, jeez you ARE funny, is this better?!"

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