Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Since being back...

We brought home an extra child when we came home...

My littlest sister, Miss Michelle came to visit for a few weeks!
Life has not seemed to slow enough to get rested enough but it has been fun just the same,
maybe I've been a bit cranky, but it's still been fun...I think. ;)

We have taken walks and payed at the park, gone to the library, gone to the swim park, gone shopping (grocery that is), gone to the Zoo and fed giraffes and other animals, had a ward Pig Roast, of course we've done church and stuff, Michelle has met a great friend out here and has had her over and gone to a church swim party. Oh, AND...we went blueberry pickin-that was my favorite thing we've done. WHEW, that is a lot and now I understand why I am STILL tired, amongst the obvious reason of being preggo.

Pretty girl Michelle

Blueberry pickin-again my card was still filled so these are the only 2 I got.

Oh, and just a little family life update...Patch is still doing great on the potty-just in the peeing dept. still not pooing but we are set on the fact that that will take a while, so it's all good.
Maddie is growing and getting smarter all the time-her vocab never seems to amaze me. And, thankfully, she now thinks kissing is "gross". :) Everytime she sees Mike and I kiss it's, "Haaa, Mommy and Daddy, you are kissing. (snicker snicker) That's gross." Funny, funny girl.
Mike is doing great. He just got called Sunday as the 2nd counselor in the Elder's Quorum and is ready for the challenge-he will do great. Work is good and so is school although he is ready for a break. I am good. I am the Young Women's 2nd counselor now, have been for a little while, I just forgot to mention it. It is great, I love the girls. And then I am a Mom of 2 busy kids who keep me laughin and pullin my hair out all at the same time! ;) I am now 18 weeks pregnant and feelin lots better-just tired. We find out 2 weeks from tomorrow what we are having!

Life truly couldn't be better-we are so blessed!

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