Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And we thought all this time we had a little boy...

not today though. Apparently we were blessed with 2 pretty little girls already... :)

I guess this is what you get when you have an older sister and don't get out much. :)


Carolina said...

I about died when I saw these!! hahahaha. I love his little hip pop. Classic.

The Juries!! said...

I love the posing!!!

Debbie Lunt said...

Patrick in the pic on the right - is hilarious!!!! I just want to squeeze him :).

So - So- Cute.
Give them hugs for me.

Carrie said...

How can you not get a big grin on your face. I love how they get along SO WELL. Patrick looks great in that color by the way. HA HA I was catching up on your blog and wanted to say I love your curtains. Black and White is my FAVORITE! You did a great job:)