Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Our little lady got to start gymnastics today...finally!

She was so excited she slept in her leotard last night, it was cute.

She did pretty good. Her next class will go a lot better I think. She was still so excited that she kept stopping to look for me and wave-I loved it. But, she needs to focus a little more and I am sure she will because she really liked what she was doing. She did bonk her nose on the edge of a trampoline, she tripped (she's so like me it's sad). She cried but her teacher calmed her down in a few seconds and she was up and jumping in no time.

Patch was extremely jealous and made his voice known on the matter...literally. He starts a Parent/Tot class next month so hopefully he can hold out that long.

Her before gymnastics goofy face!

Here she got out of line to find me and wave at me...we will playing "Follow the Leader" this week!

Here they are warming up by doing a swim rotation-she liked this one

 I can't wait to see how she does and if she ends up loving it like I did...or not. :)

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GreatHands23 said...

I *heart* that first pic of her. Too adorable. Glad she's in gymnastics. I never was but had a girlfriend who was and taught me some moves. *loved* it. It appears as though she's the only one having fun. Maybe she'll take after her mom?