Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exuding Love

I may not have felt like the love was exuding from me to my munchins yesterday afternoon to bedtime when they were fighting like cats and dogs. Or first thing this morning when they were screaming for us to let them out of their room. However, it was pretty stinkin' cute and the love started exuding when they asked if Daddy was home this morning (they didn't see him all day yesterday) and got so excited to see him. And, when Miss Maddie let me snuggle her on the couch and watch some strange show on Disney Channel with her. And, when the kids played so well and cute in the bath tub. AND, when I got around to editing and popping these pics up on the computer.

It is interesting how you can fall in love over and over again with the same little people...even though they can make you your craziest sometimes.

 This is probably one of my all times faves. of this little guy!

Now I can't seem to get decent pics of her...it's always one or the other, right?! ;)

Seriously, he's one handsome little dude!

Another CRAZY one... "I like to be CRAZY mom!"

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