Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh to be a kid again...

I remember hearing the music coming from a mile away as the ice cream truck man made his way to our subdivision. I used to love and not quite love that noise because I always wanted to get something but it was incredibly rare that it happened. I may remember getting it one time.

Maddie has been talking about the ice cream truck man for quite a while. Ours always comes at really funky times right before dinner or right after the kids have gotten to bed (we have early bed-timers). It has only worked out once.

Until last night. He finally came right before the kids got to bed and before we had brushed teeth for the night.

We went running around for money as we heard that "fabulous" music coming down our street. Maddie was so excited. We went running to the drive-way and she was waving like a crazy and jumping up and down. Patch was excited too but Maddie's got a little age on him and so it was more fun for her...and for me to watch her.

I took in on the action too (Mike wasn't home) and enjoyed some over-priced ice cream.

It was great.

To be a kid again and get excited over the little things that make great fun it is.

Oh, and have the bomb-pops always been as big as a 2 year old?
 Those things are HUGE but have the tiniest little stick to hold on to. It was interesting at first for the little man but we figured it out, thank goodness.


Jen said...

Love Maddies expressison! She looks like she is lov'n her ice cream! Moments like those are always so memoriable!

Megan and Jeff said...

Kid memories are the best! Sorry about the spill you took on the table - but even more sorry the neighbors were out! And definitely glad for silly kiddos to help make us laugh-love Maddie's lizard look!

kelleen said...

yea for ice-cream trucks! Still waiting for him to hit our neighborhood at non-bedtime :) What a great memory, and such a fun mommy to make it happen!