Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not too smart...

yep, that would be me.

Not too smart.

Our landlord came today to restain the back "porch" and while at it trimmed some low, dead branches from our tree in front. We were not here while she did it and she left a note and asked us to trim the bushes. We have been wanting to do this for some time but neither of us have ever done it and I think, were a little nervous of the idea-since it is not our house/bushes.

Well, I bucked up today and did it. However, here is the not too smart part.

Ya know those Little Tike Picnic Tables??
Yeah, the plastic little ones that you can't fit at past the age of 5?
Well, I decided to stand on that to get to the top part-it has grown out of control. I did bring out a chair but thought, the table is closer so I'll just use that.


Especially at 6 months pregnant with the neighbors outside across the street.

This is what the table looks like now...

and the left side of my body hurts a bit. Little Missy let me know she was okay with a nice big kick and settling onto my bladder within a matter of seconds-which was a nice escape to the house when the neighbor lady came so quickly across the street to ask if I was okay and tell me that I shouldn't be up there anyway. She stood there like forever, at least it seemed that way, since I was so incredibly emabarrassed. For anyone who knows me well, getting hurt in front of people is not my forte...I hate it and usually let anger take over and want no one to come near me or touch-not even my husband. I know, it's ridiculous and sad to admit but, it's me. Luckily though, I just told her I really had to use the restroom now and bolted inside-no anger, thank you very much. 

So, moral of the smart and use the intended chair rather than being too lazy to walk up the proch steps to get it.

Oh, and always have good company with you too, who aren't old enough yet to laugh at the embarrassment that you are... 
and who will make you laugh with her lizard neck...

and with the fact that they get so excited to take a pic. that they run around like crazy and you can't seem to get a decent one at all.


The Juries!! said...

I can't believe a table that cost $2 a few years ago couldn't hold up better than that. Maybe we could take it back!

The Juries!! said...

and P.S.
Shouldn't the kids take a pic of you while you lay on the ground? I think that's how the journaling part of the blog is supposed to work... ;) Just sayin'

Carrie said...

Shannon, all I can say is THANK YOU for the laugh!!! By the way that would be totally something I would do. The pic of the table CLASSIC!!!