Tuesday, September 21, 2010


That is a common saying in this household now. I said once or twice and now Maddie says it when great things happen. She said when we traveled over the summer and finally hit the MO line...she yelled, "Yay, Missouri! We made it, WHOOP-WHOOP!" She yelled it the other day when Patrick had finally poo-pooed on the potty, "Yay Patchy, you did it! You went poo-poo on the potty! Whoop-Whoop!" She also yelled...or sang rather, "Yay, Patchy. It's your birthday, hey-ey!" (another something from her mother)


Well, I am yelling "WHOOP-WHOOP today, right now actually, because the camera works again! YAY! So, pics will be coming this week! Sings songs of joy, we don't have to buy a new camera!

Oh, and just a plug, if you are wanting to coupon and save money, head over to the site,
http://hip2save.com/ . I am TRYING to get into this couponing stuff and save us more money. Let me just say, she lays it all out for you-what deal is good and how to get it, etc. AMAZING! Let me also say, that for my first time doing it yesterday I was totally stoked, I got diapers for free-3 packs-and will get more later this week (thanks Jennifer). Really, you should check it out-it's great.

I also swore I wasn't going to talk about my "coupon savings" but I couldn't help it-it was a rush...and I didn't even share the rest of what I got yesterday!

Oh, and one more thing...it was in the 50's this morning as we waved Daddy off to work...aaahhh-it was fabulous and made me even more excited for fall to really hit. I am eating soup for breakfast this morning to celebrate!

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Mandy said...

coupon site I enjoy: http://www.pennypinchinmom.com/