Friday, September 10, 2010

a little of this and that

So for the last little while there have been a gajillion things that I have been wanting to do around the house.
One of those things being making some curtains, or rather, valances (which apparently are no longer the "in" thing, but the room is little and it definitely needed them). Anyway, I have not made both of them but I did make one, and I messed up the first time-forgetting a strap and having too much space-and had to stitch pick it all out and fix it. However, I am rather pleased with the outcome...I am not what I would call a "sewer" yet but I think it went good, minus the silly mishap. I look forward to doing the other one tonight, or most of it at least. Don't be fooled, there is a lot of cutting and sewing so, for me, it took a little while but it is easy.


Then, quite a few weeks back we had went yard-saleing and I found this fabulous mirror for $2, or maybe it was $3. It had been sitting in a shed and was filthy and needed some new paint-I wish I would have gotten a before. So, with the paint used on yet another project, for this exact room, I spruced it up and it hangs beautifully in our little room.

I think maybe I should get sconces or something for the sides of it???
(I love the basket weave detail on it, it makes it different and beautiful)

The next thing, which I can't get a good picture of, and that I wish I had taken a before of, is this armoir. It was free from a friend who moved (thank you so much if you read this) and was in some rough shape. She had told me it made good storage but was in obvious need of hiding or re-doing. It was a white-ish color (the paint was so thin and there were many other color spots due to kids, hence, white-ish) So, with some paint and new hardware...we love it! My other friend actually thought we bought new furniture until she realized what it was...that made us feel great! I am now looking for some things to put on top and then 2 big floor vases to put some of those stick things I've seen around in them, on both sides of it. I found some red ones or green ones at Target but I am not paying that for them so fingers crossed for yard-saleing tomorrow or a trip to Ikea soon!

Obviously, this is our black and white room and I love it! With the vases adding some color at some point, some things on the top of the armoir, and hopefully a rug as well, it will come together quite nicely. It was pretty blah and nothing to look at before, the room that is, and now I am proud to have people see it-it feels great!

And just for laughs...

it is scary when you turn on your camera and this is the picture that pops up...

can you guess who got a hold of the camera?
she was quite proud of her picture-even if it did scare Mommy.


Mandy said...

love that mirror! great job redoing things - it always takes longer than you think....

Evan and Jamie said...

It all turned out great! LOVE the mirror--should've snagged it for myself :) The baby pic freaks me out!! Love ya!