Thursday, September 9, 2010

no no, not yet, slow it down a bit son

So I thought that our little sweet boys were supposed to love Momma's kisses until , ya know, the teenage years or something-maybe before but not for a long time...right?
Well, yesterday and actually for quite a few days this is what I get when I start kissing little man's cute, soft and squishy cheeks, 

"No kisses Mommy! No gimme kisses Mommy!"

He's 2! This is not supposed to be happening yet!

I take full advantage of those words though and smother him with them until he laughs and begs for more! Those cheeks are far too kissable to just leave them alone. 

1 comment:

kelleen said...

that's so sad! Benji is a tough guy too, and I also conteract with cuddle torture. Love that pic of him--you've got a talent with a camera dear :)