Tuesday, October 26, 2010

8 weeks..

Yep, 8 weeks-exactly-from today I will be in a hospital bed snuggling our newest addition.
I can't believe we can say 8 weeks now! As my belly expands and the room lessens for her I get A. More uncomfortable and
B. Overjoyed!
The thoughts of what she will look like and what she will be like are ever more present in my mind. I wonder about the kids and how they will adjust.
I think about Mike and watching him hold this tiny little being in his incredibly giant hands and watching his eyes sparkle in wonder and amazement at this little baby we will call ours.
I think about the first few moments we, together, get to see her for the first time and the spirit that fills the room and us as we stare at this baby that just left her Father in Heaven.
I think about how I will start bawling the second I hear her cry and doing a heave thing, since I can't feel my body, and the nurses coming to check and see if I am okay.
I think about how one of the first questions out of my mouth, since I don't get to see her right away, will be, "Does she have hair and is it a lot?" And then I will tell Mike, "Go and be with the baby." And I will wait-going crazy.
I think about the first time the kids come and see her, what they will think, what they will do. I can hear Maddie already,
"Look at how cute her tiny fingers are Mom, she's so cute."
I think about the day we bring her home and she sleeps in the cradle next to the bed.
I think about her cry. Will it be ever so loud like Maddie's was or soft and almost non-existent like Patrick's?
I think about how my heart can possibly hold anymore love in it,and then I relish in the excitement that it can because it already holds so much for her.

The list of my "thinkings" goes on and on. Let's just say I think about everything about this little peanut who is kicking and rolling around like crazy and I can't wait to officially meet her and smother her in kisses.


Evan and Jamie said...

She will love to read this someday!! Great journal entry!

Debbie Lunt said...

Shannon, this is so sweet and I could feel your love for this little one and your children. You are a good mom and I am so proud of you. I too am excited for this little McKinley to get here!