Friday, October 29, 2010

Playing "Mom and Baby"

The new game around the house, since the baby's binkies were found, has been "Mom and Baby".
Patrick is the baby and man, does he do it well. He shoves a bink in his mouth and makes all the appropriate, yet slightly annoying, sounds. He'll take it out and fake cry for his "Mommy" aka Maddie to come and take care of him in his bucket, errr, "crib". And she LOVES to play Mom and actually get to tell him what to do in the meantime, since they are "just playing, Mom". Patch is currently sitting next to me in the bouncy seat, which he brought from upstairs, eating we see jealousy in the future???

We have been going through baby clothes and so the bucket is now empty and makes the perfect crib. I love that he never really took a binkie either so he doesn't know which way it goes.

Maddie holding the wipe warmer, about to "change" her baby.

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kelleen said...

so cute! she is going to be a great helper!