Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh Halloween

Well, the kids waited in anticipation all day Saturday to go to our church's "Trunk or Treat". Maddie was great about getting her hair done so she could look like Cinderella. By the time we got to the party and had been there maybe 30 minutes, she was coming apart. The headband came off, the hoop skirt under the dress and shortly thereafter, the neck-bad. She still looked cute and had a great time. Patrick was half dragon , half surfer dude. The kid lives in swim trunks 90% of the time and wore them underneath his dragon cotume. Well, it is easier to drive, eat and do almost everything else without the top half of his dragon on and then, he decided he'd rather just be in his swim trunks for the rest of the activities before they went out for candy. He had fun too though and that is all that matters. Pictures were sparse due to me being busy with the part that the YW were in charge of. But, we got a couple and that's what counts, right?

Don't even ask...I have no idea what they were doing!

Bubba as a dragon

Maddie, still partly put together. :)

The kids were pooped by this point, but here they are with their good buddy Caiden the monkey.

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween too!

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Steph said...

Even "coming apart" she looks so put together and cute! And pAtrick has so much personality in that first pic! :) Love it :)

I left fb. Maybe I'll get back on in a few years. You have to rid your life of drama where you can and that was the first to go, unfortunately :) Highschool is SO over! ha.

So where are YOUR pregger pics you cute thang!?