Friday, November 19, 2010

Giving Thanks...

I am not doing so good with daily thanks this week, or rather daily posting.
Oh well.
I am also not doing so good getting pictures posted...I'll get there.

Thanks for yesterday...

Good, no-traffic drives from DC to Virginia. These don't happen very often and it was nice to come home with a smooth drive and 2 sleeping kids. It was also nice that that was the day Mike had to drive to Fredericksburg for work and that we got to meet him for lunch on our way home.

Thanks for today...

Today I am thankful that I fell asleep on the couch last night at 9:00. While my sleep was interrupted by potty breaks, a little boy who didn't want me but daddy (who had already gotten up with him once that night), a baby that wouldn't stop moving (which was nice) and some aches and pains and just uncomfortableness that come with the 3rd trimester, it didn't seem to matter because overall I got decent sleep when I was sleeping and it was for a greater amount of time than normal.
Could that sentence have been longer???
It was nice this morning to feel like I had some sort of energy. Very nice!

Speaking of this baby. We are now 34 weeks and 2 days!! This baby will be here in 4 weeks and 4 days-if not sooner! I think she flipped to head down position the other night and is now making her way down. Let me tell you, I never felt the other kids flip into position and thank goodness-it hurts, if that is what she did! It took a long time too, I was up a lot that night and for long periods of time. My other kids never dropped even when I went into labor-which didn't go anywhere. She has sat a lot lower than them this whole time and I really feel like she is much lower in the past few days so...I don't know-this all feels new to me. I am having way more contractions, mostly Braxton Hicks (which for me, started around 22 weeks this time) and a couple "real" ones here and there. We'll just have to see what goes down this time around. Probably nothing but I am interested to find out if something does. We are in full cleaning mode this weekend and are actually going to do Christmas decorations, since it seems to be the only weekend we have to do it (crazy early, I know) before this little peanut gets here, and before I really won't want to do it just because I am tired.

Pics to come, I promise!

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