Wednesday, November 17, 2010


For anyone who may be looking for me on FB...well, they deleted my account and I have no idea why.
The only explanation, and this a general explanation that they give to everyone, is that they don't tolerate "fake accounts". I don't know how my account, after 2 plus years has become a "fake account". I contacted them about it with no resolve and no new understanding-they were very unhelpful. So, I am done with FB. I can only think that someone hacked my account-I have been getting mass amounts of emails from hackers so it is possible I guess.  I don't know. It is all probably for the best, one thing to get me off the computer faster and now I have to call and actually talk to people! :)

As for 2 days of thanks...

yesterday was incredibly busy for me-we had Young Women In Excellence night. This is a night we plan special for our youth aged girls (ages: 12-18). In our church we receive what we call a "calling" Most churches, as far as I understand, pay people to "serve" in the church. Our does not. We are extended a call to serve and learn. Some of these callings are extremely time consuming and hard but we still do not pay them for it. It is what we like to think of as an opportunity to serve. Well, I am currently serving our youth, the Young Women specifically. It is a hard and time consuming calling-not to the extent of some others-but that is what I was grateful for yesterday... my calling. I love it and I love the girls I have the opportunity to get to know, the other women that I serve with, and the way it stretches me and teaches me new things. That is the neatest thing about callings, you don't pick what you want, you are assigned or asked...called, to the position and it is always something that teaches you what you need to learn  at that point in your life. And, it prepares you for future things in your life and future opportunities of service. I know that callings are inspired by God and grateful He is mindful of what we need and what we need to learn.

Today I am grateful for siblings. I am up with my sister today and tomorrow and I am always reminded of how much I am blessed to have siblings each time I get to see them. I love that I have so many too. Not only do I count the 6 that I grew up with but the ones I gained when I married my sweet husband-they are pretty dang awesome. I have been lucky enough to have such good siblings too. So many people to admire, look up to and learn from. I love you all and I give thanks for you this day and always!


Erin said...

I'm grateful for your blog and your friendship. You are such a treasure in my life and so many others!

Jody said...

weird that they did that(facebook) cause i typed in your name and was able to still pull it up, that's how i usually get to your blog.

Kate said...

i am struggling with the "calling" thing. i was just called to be a cub scout committee chairman...ugggghhh! not much worse than tween boys, and the fact that i have none! i also got released from girls camp director, which i really liked, squirrely girls, i get, weirdo boys, i don't!