Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, Monday...

A new week today with a pretty good weekend being left behind.

Mike had to work A LOT on Saturday, unexpectedly-which was the bummer part of the weekend. However, we still got to go for a walk/picnic at the park in between his work trips and studying. He talked about how cold it was outside but was the only one who didn't wear a coat-just a sweatshirt and froze his hiney off while we were there. It gave me a good laugh and we still had a great time-the kids enjoyed feeding the "mean geese" and swinging/playing in the sand. I love those moments.
That night Mike desperetely needed to study, since he was interrupted ALL day and so I got go to what we (LDS folks) call the "adult session" of our Stake Conference for church. It was really nice to hear and be uplifted. I also got to head to CVS and score Toy Story 3 for $4.00-that probably made my whole day! So, Patrick's Christmas movie has now been checked off the list-HOORAH!

Sunday was Stake Conferene. Let me tell you, Mike and I really dreaded this time around knowing how energetic/talkitive our kids are. It is a 2 hour meeting where you just sit and listen. It is always great but to try and get your kids...our sit fairly quiet for that long is next to impossible. Well, they did pretty good! Thankfully we had some friends sitting right in front of us so that kept the kids pretty occupied and I couldn't sit in a hard chair that long so walks were a bit necessary too. 

We also, got to do our hospital tour that evening. Thank you to Nate and Diane for watching.feeding our kids so we could do it uninterrupted. This is yet another hospital to deliver at so a tour was necessary. We left a little nervous to deliver there but hopefully it will be fine and our worries are for no reason.

Our weekend...not in a nut-shell but...

Oh, and by the way I HATE...yes, HATE this time change! My kids were up at 5:40 this morning...ewww. I had to lay in bed with little Mr. for over an hour so he could be at least partially pleasant today. Luckily, he did go back to sleep-whether I did or not...oh well. He is happy now and that makes my exhaustion/achey body so very worth it.

Such balance...or great quick picture taking. :)

More of the balancing acts...

 My heart melts...

and melts a little more.

Today, I am thankful for the fall colors-they make me happy and the earth looks beautiful!


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