Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It snot funny...

yeah, you read that right...no typo.
I forgot yesterday to write something funny that happened Sunday morning with miss Madilynn...
Mike and I are at the table, I was looking over my lesson and eating lunch and Mike was keeping me company. We have really late church right now and earlier the kids and I had been making necklaces with some beads they had gotten the day before.
Anyway, all the sudden Madds comes in the kitchen doing a scream cry and saying her nose hurt. At first I thought it was just because it was sore from all the wiping but upon further explanation and inspection she surely...she had a bead shoved up her nose.
Yep, it happened to us.
Luckily it wasn't in there very far and I just popped it out...along with some snotty goodness.
I checked the other side, as she continued to say her nose hurt, and saw nothing and told her it would feel better soon. This was at 11:30ish am and no more complaints before I left by 12:10.
Mike stayed home with the kids since he and they were under the weather. So, on my way home (now almost 4:00pm) I called and he proceeded to tell me that Maddie came to him at about 2:30 saying her nose still hurt. Mike checked and sure enough there was a bead up the other side!! My initial thought was that she did it again but no, it had been there the whole time...he had to get a flashlight to see it way up in there!
He told her they were going to have to go the hospital, which made her cry, and then she blew really hard and it came flying out!

She got lucky and we got some humor...and a little scare...and a little snot...
and the beads are now thrown away-so much for being fun!

At least they remain happy and full of smiles...even without beads!

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Anonymous said...

We had a similar incident with Tori, involving a piece of chalk. It was the last of our "3 ER visits in 4 days!" tour, and Dr. Flynn was getting sick of seeing us. He told us to close the non-offending nostril, then blow a quick puff of air into the child's mouth. Whatever's blocking the other nostril pops right out. -- Uncle Jim