Monday, December 13, 2010


I woke up last night, surprise surprise, but I couldn't go back to sleep. I had to have been awake for at least an hour, not being able to stop my mind about the little one who is to join us in just 1 week! I was just reeling with excitement and wonder at what she will be like. Will she have hair? Who will she look like? Many many other questions and thoughts too. I can't wait and neither can these kiddos. Maddie has been telling her to come and play has Patrick and Mike. We are all ready now-finals are done and life is simple this week. We had a fun family day Saturday and saw Tangled (LOVE IT) and had a great time. I was in complete nesting mode that day too and the house is spotless...well, the living room currently needs cleaned up and so do the snow clothes now but overall it's ready too. I have had some days that had me questioning whether labor was starting-it wasn't all that fun-but then went away hours later and sleep finally came-but no dilation or progression whatsoever. But you know, it's all good! The only thing that does need to happen before her arrival is... Mike and the kids need to get better!!! They are all snotty nosed-cough heads currently, eek! So, once they are better THEN we are completely hurry up you three!

All the posts are to hold us all over for the next week or so. I might get in 1 or 2 more this week but...let's not hold our breath. Mike will post pics the day little missy arrives-cuz he's good like that. :) But, it is all coming to a slow down for a while. Hope you are all doing great, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hopefully we will get "New Year" cards out, when our family is complete for the year.

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