Saturday, January 22, 2011

1 month!

Yes, the little Miss Makinley is already 1 month old, as of the January 20th. I can't believe time has gone by that quickly already. She is doing great and chunkin' out tons! Her cheeks seem to hang down now and her legs are getting ever so chunkilicious! She smiles regularly now and it is such an amazing feeling! She is following very well and is working on her holding her head up better. We are working on a schedule with her but her little tummy is interfering with that-I think I need to pay more attention to what I am eating and she needs to stop being such a gulper all of the sudden. She is just wonderful though and we love her to pieces!

We have a pic like this with all the kids and I love it! Daddy likes to snuggle up to baby when he gets home from is his "detox" time. :)

She was startin' to get cold and didn't like it...but she and we like the wonderful hoodie towel from Aunt Sue and Uncle Rick! Thank you tons!!

Her 1 month little photo shoot...look at those cheeks!

She often has a look of concern on her face...wouldn't you with 2 crazy siblings running amuck?!

 Growing like a weed! The leg rolls like to hid under diaper, so when you change her it's like...BAM!

"Okay Mom, that's enough now!!" 

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