Monday, January 31, 2011

Snot Bubbles and Smiles

As of the past few days we have been making all sorts of things.

*Makinley has been making snot bubbles with her nose for the first time, poor girl.*

*Makinley has started making cute baby coo's too!

*The kids made a fort with Mom downstairs and made no-bake cookies too (Maddie was confused when we didn't put them in the oven).*

*I made homemade crescent rolls-DELISH and homemade muffins-DIVINE-also for the first time.*

*We finally got Makinley's sweet smile on camera, it doesn't do it justice-still cute though!*

When the kids are zoned, they are ZONED!

A little blurry but...isn't she cute?!

Oh and Mike...well, he hasn't MADE anything but he did get his first laptop the other day (yes folks, we here still live in the dark ages and yes, he is on his LAST semester of school) and he has been having fun with that, as have all of us.


Erin said...

Ohhh... I'm so sorry Makinley is sick! It's just so unavoidable with three kids. You HAVE to share those recipies! What's the plan after Mike finishes school?

kelleen said...

too cute! Miss you friend--one of htese days we won't be contagious and will have to steal your sweet family for a play date!