Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gas and humor, isn't that always the combo??

For the past two days, and I think Mike is starting his turn today, we have had the flu running amuck here in this house. Madilynn and Patrick were hit hard on Monday evening with the pukes; Maddie won with 10-11 pukes and Patch lost with 2 and then a 3rd yesterday...things are competitions between these two folks.
I got hit yesterday and it was no fun but luckily the kids were still feeling icky so it wasn't too hard.

Well, last night after Mr. Man got home the little mr. was having some serious gas, some rankity stankity gas. The poor kid was having bad tummy problems. It wasn't just rank but kinda nosiy where is the humor in all this?? Well, he had walked into the next room, to be alone with his gas, then came back and says,

"Whats that noise?"

So, I say,"That's your bottom, Patrick."

And he proceeds,

"There's a lion in my bottom."
(with all seriousnes s that can come from a 2 yr. old)


Mike and I were rollin'! Hilarious that kid is, just hilarious.

Oh, and what in the world is the point of a flu shot when it doesn't work or "oops, it wasn't for the strand that came out."??

I'm just sayin'.


The Juries!! said...


Erin said...

So, so funny!

kelleen said...

so true! thanks for the chuckle :) can't belive how big Patrick looks!

Kristal said...

Seriously that was soooo cute! It was a true laugh out loud moment!