Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sista, Sista...

I have stated before,

there is nothing like a sister.

From the time of being a child, you start out being best friends. You idolize their every move if they are older, adore them if they are younger and want only what's best for them.

Then you get a little older.
You still love them but the big sister becomes a "know-it all" and bossy and the little sister becomes annoying and a cling-on who won't leave you alone. Yet, you still play, laugh, and get in trouble together.

Then you get a little older still.
At that point the big sister is "secretly" idolized-you want to be like her so much because she is just, amazing-but really has great clothes because she has better taste and more money than you do. The little sister remains annoying and a cling-on but is starting to have a bit of style too-even if most of the clothes she wears were stolen from your part of the closet.

A little older still.
You both fight like cats and dogs, over clothes over, make-up, over every silly and petty thing possible. You get jealous because you think she is prettier or the guys like her more and secretly, you hope the guys do like her because she is awesome after all.You can't be in a room for more than 5 minutes without about ripping each other's throats out. However, after a 5-10 minute cool down your are on your way to the mall, or the tanning salon, or a trip to the gold ole' Wally-World or Target.

And even older still.
At this point, your living together on your own. The original thought prior to the move in (both from the older and younger) is worry, to weather you will both be alive after the first week and whether you will still live together after a month...if that.Then, you realize it was the best thing could have done. Yes, you get on each other's nerves but you are more mature and can handle it better, at least a little bit. Rather than feel that they are stealing your clothes, you embrace that your closet has just expanding and you both now have a great wardrobe since you can equally share clothes now. You bawl about boy woes together and laugh at the ridiculous things those boys do.

And then barely a bit older.
Suddenly, it seems that life flew by. You are all married and have little babies crawling around. Suddenly, seeing each other is nearly impossible because you don't live down the street a little ways, you live hours and hours apart. It stinks because you have become the best of friends, something that is almost indescribable and you can't see each other and the sweet children that, at times, make you crazy but have taught to love more than you could imagine (other than your hubby). 

Being a sister means being a friend, being there when the times get tough. Telling you to knock it off when you are being dumb and absurd, being there when tears can't stop falling. It's the phone call because your husband can't pick-up because he is working or that he cannot possibly understand-even though you tell him-because he is just not a woman.

I love that I got to be the older and the younger sister-it stunk sometimes but it was great still. I love my sisters more than I could ever explain to them and I hope that these two girlies can feel the same way one day.

(I totally had a different post to write but saw this picture and had to write this the other one tomorrow.)


Build It, Love It, Sew It said...

Awhh, can't wait for Juls to have a sister!! Love the cheeks on that little cutie!

kelleen said...

what a sweet picture--sisters really are the best. I don't think anyone can quite understand you the way a sister does. That said, can I adopt you? ;)

Jody said...

i read your post..and totatlly smiled because you described my realtionship with megan and amy perfectly..its amazing how sisters can fight with eachother one minute and than be best friends the next minute...sisters are the best friends...i hope your two cute girls get to experience that joy and life long and eternal bound