Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Water and Baby Boobs...

Why is it that everytime you go to do something for someone chaos invades?
That's the way it is for me at least.

Yesterday afternoon, I was making a meal for someone in our ward. The kids were being good but insisted on being everywhere I the counter, all over the table, at the sink and not to mention in my walking path to each of those places. This is not a complaint, just the way it was.

I was making those homemade crescent rolls again (b/c they are DELISH and easy), actually I was rolling them out. The kids ALWAYS have to "help" with this part (which means they snag a piece of dough when I am not looking and proceed with flour to make it...something). Patch always gets extremely messy though and doesn't like it, as was the case at this moment. So, I pop him into the bathroom with the sink and a stool and let him "have fun" washing his hands. I proceed to pull the food out the oven, cut the crescent rolls, begin rolling them up, wash some dishes, tend to Maddie and her mess when all of the sudden this crazy sick feeling hits. I run to the bathroom, and now there is a screaming baby as well, and water is EVERYWHERE! The sink was plugged and Patch just thought it was cool, no need to call mom for help-let her figure it out herself! When I say everywhere, that is no exaggeration. I had 4 (?) bath towels to clean up the mess, plus a bathroom rug which was so kindly already where it needed to be. The floor was soaked and underneath the sink (along with everything hair appliance and feminine product box). Patch was crying because I swung him off the stool and over to a spot on the floor too fast and he slipped because, I didn't know, it was soaked all the way over there as well. Then Maddie is saying she needs to wash her hands now and Makinley is still crying. Oy-vey! I sent Maddie upstairs to wash and proceeded to try and get stuff laid down and soaked up quickly so I could finish this dinner for these people. 

I just started was all I could do to keep my sanity.

I laughed again on my way home from their house because that is really how it always happens when I trying to be helpful and do something for someone else...God obviously has a sense of humor (and I am glad I actually laughed with Him this time).

How could you not laugh and let it go when these are the culprits??

Also, our little Makinley has BABY BOOBS!

yep, I just said "boobs" on this here blog.

But seriously, it's the cutest thing ever! She is our chubbiest baby so far and we couldn't be happier about it. As my MIL said, "when they come out that little they come out hungry!" The other kids chubbed out just fine but had scrawny legs and what not until about 6 months when they started crawling. Someone at church Sunday called her a "fat, cute baby girl" and it made me smile...

 because she is MY fat, cute baby girl.


The Juries!! said...

I want some nekkid pics!! Of Makinley!!

Evan and Jamie said...

They just keep getting cuter!

Erin said...

So, so funny! The last 5 times I volunteered to make dinners something crazy ended up happening and I just had to run get a pizza and drinks- so embarrassing. I hope I can start helping again when the kids are a little older!