Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little of the mushy stuff...

I know I don't tell you often enough that I am grateful...

grateful for the unselfish and giving man that you are.
grateful for the way you make me feel as a woman, a wife and a mother
grateful for the 3 beautiful and healthy children you have given me
grateful for the endless hours of worry you have for our family and our situation in life
grateful for your amazing efforts as a Daddy
grateful for the way you not only make an effort at being a Daddy but succeed beyond my dreams
grateful for the way only you can make me smile
grateful for your laughter, even though it can be hard to come by sometimes
grateful for your faith and example of pressing forward always, even when it is so very hard
grateful for your love

just so very grateful for you.

I love you sweetie. Thank you...

for everything.

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