Friday, February 18, 2011

I don't recommend...

looking things up , about sicknesses, on the Internet.

It's just scary sometimes.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus

also known as: RSV

Both Maddie and Patrick had it but they were both a bit older: Maddie-11 months and Patch-almost 18 months. Maddie got it pretty bad but overcame it like a champ. Patch was even older and overcame it like a champ as well. Miss Makinley is 2 months on Sunday just freaks me out this time around. She is so little and it hurts her little chest. But she is being a champ and still giving smiles that we love-and we caught it early...not that that really matters but still-it makes me feel better

I was researching only to find out how long it lasts and is contagious for and this is what I came across.

"It is true that most children handle their bout of RSV without any difficulties. However, more than 125,000 children under the age of one are hospitalized every year because of complications from the RSV infection. Some of these children--most of them babies under six months of age--will die."

While I did know this, it didn't make me feel good...a bit more nervous. But she will be fine and so will my nerves. I guess that means the television is our best friend again because Mom is exhausted...will that dang thing ever NOT be on?!
Well, it was for one whole day last week and it was great...but that's another story.

Here's to another beautiful day though and a whole week of it next week!
Happy Friday-enjoy your weekend!

We'll be having a jammie party.

What is with that kid's faces?! :)


The Juries!! said...

Awful pretty kidz for being sick!

Jody said...

i hope makinely is feeling better, jaxson got his bout of rsv last week, had to take him to the er, cause he had a cough for so long and was running a fever on and off and got a rash, was on medicine to help with the inflimation in his chest and on breathing treatments every 4 fun, i hate when he gets sick.

Build It, Love It, Sew It said...

Awhhh, poor lil thing! We will keep her in our prayers! Hand in there! :)