Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yeah, I would have to say in the last week-since last Friday-I have become "domesticated".
It's kind of crazy fun to do new things and things I haven't done in a while and I love it!
In the last week I have, check it,
  • made a skirt, unassisted
  • made homemade crescent rolls again
  • made homemade biscuits
  • made homemade hamburger buns
man, that's a lot of bread.

I am not doing this to toot my horn just to say it is so easy and feels so good. I am WAY behind when it comes to making laundry detergent, at least in my family but it finally got done. Maddie helped with it and had fun fun being the official stir-er. Makinley was the official "look cute" helper and Patch was the "sleeping" helper.

(phone pics)

To some this may seem like a 1950s housewife and you know, that's okay- I really liked it and it was really gratifying to do it for my family and for myself.

Now, I am not so 1950s-ish when it comes to doing dishes and laundry and cleaning...

yeah, not at all.

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The Caltons said...

You made your own laundry detergent? How does that work? I bet Jeff would LOVE that!! haha. :) And I absolutely adore your pictures. :)