Monday, March 14, 2011

such a long time ago...

i found these pictures when makinley was sick and we were sitting in the hospital.
they made me smile and lifted my spirits.
they made me remember what life is all about and the joy that children bring.
they made me grateful for the little moments-whether good or bad, for my children, for the happiness they bring, for the lessons they teach me. they make me remember how fast time goes and how much i desire to soak up every minute and not spend each of those minutes doing other the house every second, being on the internet, getting onto them because their room isn't in perfect condition, etc. 
because when tomorrow comes and they are grown and out of the house, am i going to remember the way they laughed, the way they cried and only wanted me, the way they made me want to run and hide occassionally (okay, more than occassionally), the way they made that better by saying "i'm sorry" and "i love you mommy", the way they smile and laugh for the first time, or will the memories be of regret?

well, i choose the happy memories, like these...

they are so little...and so cute!

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kelleen said...

Too true. Those pics are so sweet. Need to get together--have any time? miss you.