Sunday, March 27, 2011

No creative title tonight...

There may not be much posting going on for the next few days...I am getting it in tonight,
and yes, at 11:30 pm.
Yes, i am exhausted.
Yes, i should be in bed.

But, as you can see, I have been changing this blog around and it took me longer than it should have!

There is good reason too that it took so long.
(other than the fact that I am computer stupid)

We are pretty sickly here and both Maddie and Patch have already been up tonight for
extended periods of time each.
It started last Monday with Patrick and it has only gone downhill.
He was diagnosed Thursday with an ear infection-oh, and our kids have never had them before so this was new territory. Easy fix though. I had Maddie seen though as well on Thursday-she had started a fever Wednesday evening and then the cough so I figured I might as well have her checked out shmoney, I'd rather pay the money than have to go back again and pay the money anyhow.
They gave us a "just in case" antibiotic and sent on our way. Well, little miss-the littlest miss-started the fever, yucky nose and NASTY cough Friday as well and then low and behold...Mom got sick too-Friday evening.
Patch is doing LOTS better though and Makinley no longer has the fever and her nose is looking better-the cough..not so much, but we have made some progress.
I think I have a sinus infection (I'll get into the dr. tomorrow, hopefully).
And then Maddie, well, Friday evening when she was running 103.2 and coughing her head off we figured the antibiotic couldn't hurt. Well, she is currently running 101.2 and still coughing her head off. So, back to her dr. tomorrow probably-she has been running a fever for 5 days now, that doesn't seem too normal?? 

However, even with the lack of sleep and all of us feeling slightly trapped, we all are getting along well and still smiling...

most of the time. :)

how could we not with a face (and costume) like that?

Oh, and Mike is healthy-thank the heavens.

Oh, and VCU is headed to the final four!!!


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Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

So sorry you guys are all sick :( So amazed though this is the first for ear infections. That must be a childhood record of sorts! Thats awesome they held off so long without ever getting one. Hope you all are on the mend soon!