Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our main look today...

I think we all look like this today in this house

This morning as I said my prayers I told the Lord I really needed help today because I could feel that I wasn't quite myself today, I could tell I wasn't in the "best" mood and I am oh so tired.

I recommend NOT doing that.

it's like asking for patience.

You know, you ask for it and the only way that we can apparently learn it is by having it tested and I personally always seem to fail that test...always.

I have ALMOST failed today...already
and it is only 11:50.

Being stuck in a house for nearly 2 weeks does nothing for kids and a mom, but make them crazy.
We had done pretty good there for a while but...
the whining has set in,
the tears have set in,
the hitting (child-to-child) has set in,
the picking on each other has set in,
and the list goes on.

I actually hid in the shower a little bit ago and honestly, I top of my lungs,
(When the kids found me they asked why I was scared-that made me laugh a little.)
 and you know felt good.
It felt good because I knew I didn't fail...I didn't yell at my kids and that was really what I didn't want to do today. Who really cares if you scream to the top of your lungs in a room by yourself, it doesn't hurt anyone else...maybe your lungs a little but...
(has anyone else ever done this, like in a pillow or anything, or am I the only weird one?)

Something good about all of this? I learned today that my sweet Maddie is learning something...
She was sent to timeout in the chair in Mike and my's room. I was in the connecting bathroom-door shut-getting something and I hear her crying and saying,

"Heavenly Father, WHY? Oh why?"

I smiled and chuckled to myself and then felt a wave of,
"ah, at least she gets it. she gets that she can pray anytime and about anything. If we are doing nothing else right, at least she has gotten that."

I think the Lord is chuckling at me today...and thinkng I am ridiculous.

I'm glad someone is.
(laughing that is)


JennVan said...

You are such a fantastic mommy Shannon. I hope you realize that. Generations will remember you and call you beloved.

kelleen said...

I hate days like that--kids fighting is the worst, especially when you are tired and grumpy on top of it! Good for you yelling in the shower, you should give yourself a pat on the back for not losing it and screaming at the kids--that takes a lot of self control. Hope today is better :)