Friday, April 1, 2011

Alive and kickin'...

that would be ALL of us...

we survived the day yesterday.
Actually, I think me venting was just the right thing because I handled things even better, and because the kids miraculously got better too.
We had lunch and quiet time (which always consists of a movie in this house), Patrick fell asleep as usual, Maddie finished the movie (the ever wonderful "Tangled") and then we headed upstairs so she could take a mid-day swim in the bath. Apparently those few things were all we needed. After that we cleaned out their clothes and "tried" to clean up their rooms some more. We are "decluttering" so toys went too. We are moving out of this place in a quick month and a half so decluttering is necessary.
Makinley kept us all entertained with her "talking"...she is one LOUD little girly.
(i don't know WHO she gets THAT from)

We are soooo looking forward to a family weekend with General Conference and some good munchies.

one of those munchies being this cutie!
(these are from last February sometime before she got sick...she's looking bigger and even cuter these days!)

Happy weekend to you!

Oh, and if you haven't seen this yet...

we highly recommend it!


Lisa R said...

I love the pictures, beautiful job!! She is so lovely!!!

kelleen said...

She really is SUCH a beautiful baby! How did I not know you were moving? I really am a terrible friend! It better not be far away!!! We are GOING to have to hang out this week, even if it requires masks for all participants ;)