Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's about time...

that we got to meet Mr. Cooper and give him big snuggles and kisses!

Cooper was born 2 weeks and 2 days before Miss Makinley and it had been killing us that we hadn't seen him yet and that the 2 cuties hadn't gotten to meet each other yet. They weere so cute too! They enjoyed the time playing laying around and...well, that's about it-they are only 3 and 2.5 months old.

Somehow I didn't get any pics of the beautiful Chloe-she is such a doll, and sooooo funny too. I didn't get any pics of me and Kelli though either-it was a busy an short visit-not even 24 hours...I will take what I can get! Kelli is selling a digital scrapbooking program and came to do a party-it is amazing...Heritage Makers is what it is called and if you ant more info contact me and I will send you her info. I will be honest-that kind of thing doesn't usually appeal to me but...I was proven wrong and I am currently working on some projects-yeah, she got me bad.

Hopefully we'll make the trip soon and see Spencer and Sadie (and Jeff too) and have some more good fun-with pictures.

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