Tuesday, March 1, 2011


yeah, i am seriously blogging about poop today.

2 things about poop actually.

first, our sweet, precious, and healthy baby makinley mastered pooping up her back, out the leg AND out the upper front side of her diaper.


i had hoped this wouldn't happen with her; i swear maddie could have won a medal for how much she did it. not so much though, she is doing it-and doing it multiple times a day.

second, patrick FINALLY is pooping on the potty!!!! we finished the last pack of diapers...i said i wasn't buying anymore after that was finished. so, we didn't and he's got it now! apparently he needs no attention, he needs to do it on his own without you sitting there-who knew??


now about me and my bowels...

just kiddin'.

oh, and because i know you were wondering; maddie threw the world's biggest fit in the middle of wal-mart yesterday. yeah, the kind where people were staring at her and me and you could almost read their thoughts, they were staring so hard.  it lasted like 10 minutes or more but felt like eternity. it was cool and fun and all but i never want to do it again.

the end.


John n Shannon said...

So glad you post about the "real" moments of mommy-hood. Makes me feel TONS better about my own experiences. And glad you are enjoying the pooping successes there! Can't wait for the next post about your bowels! ;-)

Carolina said...

Yay patrick!!! Sophie just started pooping in the potty too, although she needs me to hold BOTH hands and sing songs to her. haha. Love it when people post about their babies' shopping tantrums. Makes me remember that I AM NOT ALONE. :D

The Caltons said...

haha! This post made me smile. I'm glad Patrick is using the potty! Yay! :) (P.S. I don't like being watched when using the bathroom either. I like to do it on my own time. haha) :)

Erin said...

What super dooper poopers! I'm sure your laundry is going ALL DAY LONG. So sorry!