Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Froggy, frog, frog

This little 3.5 months old is making us all smile everyday, as well as giving us all smiles as well!
She is growing so fast!
She wakes up in the morning with babble talk and squeals, then Maddie and Patrick have to go in first and talk with her for about 5 minutes.
Then I go in, I don't have to say a thing, the second our eyes meet she is nothing but smiles...and I love it!
She is grabbing things, she especially oves to grab the froggy on her play gym. She has pulled it a couple of times and started the music...such a smart girl. (Maddie gets really excited when she does it)
She hasn't rolled since the 3 times she did it that one weekend but she sure trys.She tries to whip her bum over but hasn't figured out where to put her arm yet, she'll have it soon, I'm sure.
She is such a drool-er!
 It must be a girl thing in this family, both she and Maddie have been.
She is also a thumb sucker and as much as we wish she wasn't, we love it-it's pretty stinkin' cute!
She holds her head up great and she loves to stand.
Her sleeping is getting better all the time. She eats about 7:30pm and goes down. She doesn't eat again until somewhere between 4 and 5am. She does still wake up about 2-2:30 but I don't go and feed her, she fusses and goes back to sleep. So, I can't complain with once a night!
She loves the bath, she still doesn't love to get out...but I can't blame her-neither do I! :)
The other thing she loves is music! She loves to have someone sing to her, she'll likely sing back with you or just smile and smile and smile.

We just love her and love all the things she's doing!

Oh, and she adores her Daddy and LOVES to talk to him...cutest thing EVER!

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Natalie said...

Wow, what a good sleeper! I admit I am very jealous!