Thursday, April 28, 2011

Made a liar and little heartbreak...

yesterday, i wrote about makinley and her 4 month oldness and said she preferred to roll half over...the lower part of her body.
well, she proved me wrong.
as of yesterday she decided at nap time that rolling all the way over was necessary-along with screaming herself silly until she finally fell asleep.
(she is was a back sleeper)
she decided to do it again last night at bedtime-except the scream herself silly part.
she then slept until 6:30 this morning!!!
It was FAB.U.LOUS.


and if you haven't watched the news...
goodness, the devastation in alabama and georgia-and even here in virginia.
my heart is breaking.
i called mike after watching and hearing that already there were 187 people dead from yesterday's storms just in alabama and georgia-and i cried.
8 have been confirmed dead here in virginia and those were "small" storms/tornadoes.
we are on a tornado watch until around 3 pm today. i wish we had sirens but unfortunately, we don't.
and i wish my hubby wasn't out driving for work today.
i just get nervous-everything will probably be fine.
i have family who live by the St. louis airport (like right next to it) but luckily they weren't hurt-or their homes-this past weekend.
my thoughts and prayers to all those who are suffering and have been affected in any way by these natural disasters as of late.

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