Friday, April 15, 2011


I love warm weather.
Everything about it is fab.u.lous.
Well, I guess everything but those crazy hoochy clothes that are worn.
Yeah, everything but that.

Anyway, the only people that I prefer to see lots of skin on in the summertime are people like this...

yeah, I could look at cute chubby thighs and big blowing worthy bellies like that all day long, and squeeze and pinch on those thighs too!

Rompers are the best too, then those cute legs get to hang out and all the pinching that my heart desires can be done. And let me tall you, A LOT is being done with this girly. She has the softest squishiest legs I have personally had amongst my kids and it is AWESOME!

Oh, and do you see that tongue sticking out of her mouth?
Yeah, she has discovered that in the last couple of days and it is poking in and out all day long, she thinks it's pretty funny too-as do we.

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kelleen said...

ok, that top picture is seriously THE cutest thing i've ever seen--the position-thumb in mouth and everything, love it!