Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Miss Makinley had her 4 month check up on Monday and she did such a good job.

She shocked us with being our smallest baby, even though she looks like our pudgiest.
She weighed in at 13.1oz. (25-50%)
Measured in at 25 1/2 in. (90%)
And Mike has kind of thought her head was big but he was wrong
15in (20-25%)

She did a good job with her shots-yes, she cried but it wasn't that "I'm in pain screach" that makes you cry too, just a little cry (which did bring tears to my eyes, but not a full on cry like the first time).

Makinley is still nursing well; she doesn't like cereal yet-actually she hates oatmeal. She doesn't seem to mind rice cereal but she still doesn't seem to want it.
She is doing great at reaching and grabbing things.
She is very aware of what is going on around her.
She smiles ALL.THE .TIME.
(well, at least to her Momma and Daddy)
She laughs and it is the cutest sound in the whole world.
She is great with tummy time and her head.
She can roll from her back to tummy but prefers to just have the bottom half of her turned over so she can get to her back again easier (a little lazy and smart??)
She is a drooler and a chewer.
She is a pretty good sleeper. She is great with sleeping during the day and sleeps at night from around 7:30pm to 5ish am before she eats and then sleeps again until around 8am.
Overall, she is s great baby and we just love her to pieces!

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