Friday, May 20, 2011

5 months and counting...

 Yep, this girlie is 5 months old already today! She continues to melt our hearts and make us smile.
She is just a sweet little baby.

She smiles all the time!!!
She still doesn't really like cereal but is getting a little better at it.

She rolls both ways (and last weekend while at my sisters house I ran upstairs to find a sheet and came back down to find her completely on the other side of the room) but not all the time-just when she is bored I suppose.
She talks yells all the time...and loudly might I add.
She adores her big sister and smiles and giggles at her constantly.
Her big brother she still doesn't seem so sure about (maybe it's that he is so up in her face she can't tell who he is :).

She is chewing and drooling on everything-I think toofers will happen fairly soon.
She grabs EV.ER.Y.THING and thinks it is a chew/drool toy.
She sleeps GREAT!
She is just wonderful!

And Daddy and I have started the war of getting her to say Dada or Momma first. There has been a twist though, we have a 3rd member in the war...Maddie, who is trying to get her to say Sissy. :)

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