Thursday, May 19, 2011

A reminder for me...

I know, I still haven't posted from the FANTABULOUS weekend we had but...

I just needed to remind myself how much I love this cute little man
and that he CAN make smile and usually a lot.

I have not smiled about this boy today-and not so much yesterday as me made my favorite store
(hello Target)
not so favorite anymore.
When a kid yells that loud and flails himself on the floor-two days in a row over the same hideous Lightening McQueen sandals-then that makes me not like that store a whole lot. If the blasted place would just have had what I needed I wouldn't have been in there two days in a row. And now thanks to the humiliating fit today I have to go back AGAIN-I left the cart and everything in it (yeah, 4 items) and booked it out the door.

Okay let's be real, Target is STILL my favorite anything could really change that.

And now that he has had a nap...
all is well...and he is a cute, sweet boy again-who wanted cereal for lunch. :)


Colton Anne said...

I hate days like these!! And yes we all need reminders every now and then...thank goodness our kids are so forgiving of us parents!! And thank goodness they are so cute so it makes it easier for us to forgive them!

Alexa Mae said...

Don't you just hate that. We have had many of those. Now my kids pout. I hate pouting faces. They are not cute. So I use the love and logic...they can either smile and be happy or stand in the corner. Yep! Even at Target. It usually works.

He is so dang cute. I love your blog. You are hilarious. And hello! I love your playlist!!