Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's not about me...

Stop reading while you're ahead...

My mind is going crazy, it has been for days, or weeks really.
Our life is good, oh so very very good.
We are blessed with so much and I know that.
So, why do my feelings (and my crazy mind) still get the best of me?
I feel slightly overwhelmed right now. Not even too sure why.
 Maybe it's the whole "unknown of the near future" right now. Maybe it's that I am trying to get a new budget together and it is hard and I am not good at it yet. Maybe it's the couponing that I am trying to get together so said budget can somehow work. Maybe it's that I have a husband who doesn't have school this week yet I still feel like we have no time together. Maybe it's that I miss my sisters like crazy...well, all of our family for that matter. Maybe it's that I worry sick for that sweet brother of mine in Afghanistan. Maybe it's that I worry for our family members/friends who are hurting and struggling right now. Maybe it's the unknown of our near future some more...
and some more...
and some more.

Or maybe, maybe I just am not doing enough for others. Do you ever get like that?
 Do you ever realize it?
I don't until after the fact,
and what good does that do?
I am glad that I started writing this, now I get it.
(therapy I tell you, this blog is therapy!)

It amazes me how much charity and doing for others helps US so much, us-the do-ers.
How it can turn us in an instant from in-ward thinking to outward thinking,
how it can make the selfish the selfless, how it can make the unhappy the happy,
and most importantly how it makes the imperfect more Christlike.

Alright, I am good now. I know what I need to do.

And it is probably good to think even more about these cuties too,

Daddy brought them home a turtle that he found on the road today...

he is the world's coolest/best/most amazing Dad


(ideas on a name for that turtle? Mike and I suggested Simon James Alexander Ragsdale the 3rd-we lost.)


Paul said...

How about Yertle?

The Juries!! said...

How about Yertle? or maybe Muffin...

Carla Anne said...

We've always been partial to Lightening Bolt, but Frank is a favorite too.

Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

My vote would be Franklin! Or MP3 For Maddie, Makinley and Patrick!

Hang in there! That knot in your stomach will go away I promise...hopefully sooner then later! You'll end up in a perfect location thats just out there waiting for ya! Hang in there girl!! YOur in our prayers :)