Thursday, May 12, 2011


I think it was Monday, that our sweet Maddie girl was saying her prayers,

"And please help Daddy not to have to go to work and have a day off at home"

If you can't tell by that sweet and innocent little plea, we are missing our main man around here. But dismiss all this sadness, we get to have him for a whole day tomorrow and all weekend!
(and he has next week with no school!)
We decided, and luckily he can take it off last minute, that we are in desperate need of family time and we are headed to the Baltimore Aquarium tomrorrow! We will also be staying at my sister's house and heading to the temple on Saturday! So, look forward to fun picutres next week-hopefully I get some, I will be soaking in as much time with that handsome guy as those kiddos will!

Have a happy weekend!

(and thank you for the encouraging comments yesterday, it keeps pushing me forward!)

edited note: we are NOT going to the Aquarium in Baltimore-too pricey, we are headed to the National Mall in DC! YAY-we've never been there either!

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