Friday, May 6, 2011

As I sit here thinking and writing, I am watching 2 beautiful children playing with their sidewalk chalk and having the wind blowing through their hair.
I see them enjoying the beauties that the outdoor brings like only a child can.
I listen to them talk so simply, and not always so nicely, to each other and laugh like they are the funniest kids in the world,

And to me they are.

My heart is full.
And my heart is grateful for this moment and a change of feelings and of spirit.

About 30 minutes ago, or more and I know a bit less as well, I was on the verge of tears and a hair pull-out. I was venting to my sister about all the woes and frustrations of some not so well behaved children this week. A sweet husband of mine stopped in for lunch and I took a moment to go in my room and breathe for a minute. He took charge of the "non-listening" and I breathed some more.

I despise those moments in life, the ones where you feel like you need a break from those who need you most. I would rather be wonder woman and be able to handle it all-they are so very worth it. And I know so many suffer from not yet being able to experience those moments, those bad ones and good ones-so that makes me feel pretty stinky too about my "needing a break" moments.
 I am grateful for the reality checks that come from the scriptures, a prayer, and a sweet husband (who has no idea he helped me at all).

I am grateful for excited voices about worms and snails especially. For the random, "Mom, you hold me?"  from a little boy. Or just the squeal of "Mom, Mom!" from 2 kiddos because they want to show me something or tell me something neat and exciting. 

I am grateful for the terrible and frustrating weeks because I enjoy the good moments that much more.

I am grateful to be a mom and all that that entails; the good, the bad, the gross and the crazy.
I'm just grateful.

Oh so grateful.


Natalie said...

Everyone needs a little breather now and then. Just makes you human :) Cute kiddos!

Jones Family said...

You are a fabulous mom & I can totally relate to those frustrated moments. Your kids are so blessed & you are the only one who could be their mommy!!