Saturday, May 7, 2011

To my mothers...

I realize I am the world's stinkiest when it comes to Mother's Day and cards and flowers...
it is seriously on my "goal list" of things to get better at.
And by golly next year it will be better.
It won't come late AGAIN
(sorry Mom and Meems yes, it is late again this year).

Truth be told, it is hard for me to figure out a gift that says
"I love you, you are the most amazing women and mothers I know and I hope to be even a fraction of the mothers that you are someday."
But then, it also hard for me to adequately express my feelings in words either.
So I lose, and sometimes you do too, due to my...
I don't know,

Anyway, I hope that you both see this on Mother's Day, otherwise it will make me even worse! :)

Mom, I love you.
Thank you for raising me.
Thank you for taking me to church every Sunday.
For teaching me that God is always there for me, no matter what.
I can't tell you how much that means to me.
Thank you for being there to cry to at my hardest moments and my most ridiculous moments.
(do you remember how ridiculous I was about guys and finding one??? OY! you should get mother of the year for life after dealing with me through that time...and my room-mates should too for that matter-way other story and one that I really don't want to get into, I was "slightly" ridiculous)
Thank you for the calls when the babies were born, it means a lot to know how much you wanted to be there-I know that wasn't easy for you.
Thank you for being an example of faith and love.

Meemaa, I love you.
Thank you for raising a son who is everything to me;
who is a strong and loving man, husband and father.
A hard working man.
A man who honors and respects the women in his life.
Who loves the Lord and honors his priesthood.
A man who was able to take me to the temple.
Thank you for being there for me as well in my hard times.
Thank you for being there to help me with the babies-thank you, thank you.
Thank you for taking me in and making me feel loved and a part of your family.
And I also thank you for your example of faith and love.

Happy Mother's Day!
I love you both so very much and I hope this day is a beautiful one for you!

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Debbie Lunt said...

Shannon - I love you! Thank you for being a wonderful daughter, one I am very proud of. I hope that when you are a grandma, looking back at being a mother - you will view it as I do - the best part of my life!!!!
Nothing can replace the memories of mommy moments - enjoy them and record what you can. I wish I would have done that more.
Happy Mothers Day to you too. Thank you for your note.