Friday, May 27, 2011

Part Dos

On to the second half of the fabulous Friday-now 2 weeks ago today.

We headed closer to DC and caught the metro-or the "train" according to some small fries-into DC.
That was an experience in itself-we had NO IDEA what we were doing!
But we made it and then headed down the National Mall "strip". It was beautiful and just made you smile being there and seeing all these people just smiling and having fun.
We booked our way over to the aquarium and when I say booked I mean it-it wasn't going to be letting people in before too much longer. We got there and got downstairs literally as the lady was about to close the door to new people! Whew, now that the kids knees were scraped from the dragging and their hands about to fall off from the pulling...just kiddin'.
We only had but 30 minutes before kick out but that was fine because it was tiny. And seriously, they need to get rid of the Octopus...NASTINESS!

Prior to the pulling and dragging. :)

The spot where we spent most of our time...Patch LOVES gators!

We know how much Jamie likes Blow fish so we snagged a pic of one just for her! ;)

These little newt things are kinda' cool so I had to snap a shot

Apparently there was a sign that said "Do not use flash" above this octopus...whoops.
And let me just say...


Wow, these gators actually move around Mom!

The next day we headed to the temple and I enjoyed my time with our RS there. We headed back to Jamie's had dinner and headed home...we were POOPED!

Great weekend with great people...

couldn't ask for more.

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